How High We Go in the Dark

(2nd Story Collection in Development))


Speak, Fetch, Say I Love You in Willow Springs

Girl in the Boat in Florida Review (Best of the Net Nominated) 

Life Around the Event Horizon in Eleven Eleven (Pushcart Nominated) 

Songs of Your Decay in Amazon’s Day One

The Scope of Possibility in Black Warrior Review

The City of Laughter in Redivider

Before You Melt into the Sea in West Branch Wired

Melancholy Nights in a Tokyo Cyber Cafe in One World: A Global Anthology of Short Stories (New Internationalist)

How High We Go in the Dark (on submission) 

Flay (on submission)

Pig Son (on submission)

Grave Friends (on submission)

Elegy Hotel (on submission)



Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone


Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone in Green Mountains Review

The Rest of the Way in Copper Nickel (Winner of the Copper Nickel Editor’s Prize/ Pushcart Nominated)

The Return to Monsterland in Conjunctions (reprinted in Joyland) (Notable Mention in the Best Horror of the Year Vol. 8)

Placentophagy in Tin House

Rokurokubi in ZYZZYVA

Girl Zero in Bat City Review

The Peach Boy in The Fairy Tale Review

The Inn of the Dead’s Orientation for Being a Japanese Ghost in Puerto Del Sol

Headwater LLC in Lightspeed Magazine (Reprinted in The Museum of All Things Awesome and That Go Boom from Upper Rubber Boot Books) 

The Passage of Time in the Abyss in Gargoyle

Kenta’s Posthumous Chrysanthemum in The New Delta Review

The Snow Baby in Monkeybicycle