Winter Update, January 2019 - Plans & Resolutions

Unsurprisingly, the fall semester consumed me, but I’ve emerged after a much needed winter break and am currently in the midst of January term at St. Olaf, where I’m teaching a fairy tale retellings course—into the woods we go. The spring term is close and with it comes the gift of time thanks to a course release grant, which has resulted in a one course term load (plus committee work). Not bad! I’m looking forward to finishing novel and story collection revisions, continuing research with two students on the undergrad lit magazine landscape, and starting to think more deeply on plans for next book projects (an anthology on diversity in CW classrooms with a colleague plus another work of fiction which may take the form of a novel-in-stories). With the added time, I also hope to make more of a dent in my growing stack of books. Of course, I always like assign books to my students that I want to dig deeper into myself (i.e. Jamel Brinkley’s Lucky Man), but I’m also aiming to be a David Mitchell completionist and I’ve been meaning to return to Justin Cronin’s Passage trilogy after having enjoyed The Passage several years ago.

So, hold me to this. Shame me if you must:

  • Novel and 2nd story collection revisions finished.

  • Getting to the unread books in the house

  • Making headway on future book projects (creative and otherwise)

  • Okay, and everyone needs to have a health resolution . . . so, not treating the exercise bike my wife got me like a clothes rack.

My pretties.

My pretties.

Sequoia Nagamatsu